Synthogy Ivory Steinway D

The Synthogy Ivory Steinway D has been an interesting development in the field of VST’s (Virtual Studio Instruments). This is a technology that uses software in the production and reproduction of music. There is a link provided for examining this technology as applied in the new Synthogy software pianos. The question is: Is this instrument worthy for use in producing church music? And can one of these pianos be built for a reasonable sum of money. Let’s investigate.

First we need a good computer. Synthogy has some good guidelines to follow, but how about something for you computer geeks? I chose one of the new medium priced Asus 787-A motherboards for a starting point. The Intel I5 quad core is a good CPU for use here because it will give you plenty of processing power for you needs. Eight gigs of memory is more than sufficient for the piano.

Any of the good 7200 rpm hard drives will meet your needs. Two drives are recommended. You might as well get the 1.0 TB ones since they don’t cost that much more. ssd's are really swift, but they are expensive for use here—and you don't need them here. You will need a DVD drive to install the massive 49 gigs of sound samples.

The computer case is a personal choice thing. If want to spend a few extra bucks the Corsair Carbide is a beauty. Both sides of the case open up with the flip of quick latches. This allows access to both sides of the motherboard. This is great if you are using water cooling for the processor. But you won’t need it for the piano, the cooler that comes with the processor is more than enough. (Corsair is also my personal choice for power supplies.)

One of the most important items for your build is the “USB Sound Interface.” Check out the Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 USB-Interface. The Focusrite 2i4 worked well for me.This model provides you with the ability to plug in additional microphones and instruments to record directly to your DAW software. If you need more inputs for your microphones and instruments, Focusrite has them also. I am using the latest version of Cakewalk Sonar, but all the other top ones are good here. Follow the advice on the low latency “ASIO” device driver.

Any of the reputable keyboard controllers will do. Folks do love the Roland series, even though they cost more. You will also need a usb midi interface that connects the keyboard to the computer. I used the Roland “UM-ONE” unit and it worked without a problem. There is a later model of this unit out now that is called the UM-ONE mk2. You will also need a foot pedal-get one with the selectable switch so you will be sure. There are two versions in use. The switch reverses the pedal effect.

Everything they say in their sales material is an amen with me. The Synthogy Steinway Concert D will be the center stage instrument in your church. Your sound system will provide the upper limit of what is possible for you. You can do this for less than $2000.00. You can do for much less if you already have the computer and keyboard.

The Synthogy Ivory Steinway Concert D can be used as a standalone or as a VST. Enjoy it!