The author of this site is a long time pastor who treasures the Word of God. Upon receiving a call to the ministry I immediately had a sense of desperation not unlike that of Moses! I was as dumb as a rock—and I wasn't afraid to admit it either. (it is always a smart move to let your flock know up front that you are not the sharpest knife in the drawer—if even if think you are.) The congregation that called me to pastor was also the one that licensed and ordained me into the ministry.

Prior to this call, I had served in United Navy Aviation for twenty years. This was indeed not much of a qualification for standing in the pulpit. Why did they call me then you may ask? They observed the radical change in my life when I was saved at the age of 36. It seems that this was enough for them. I didn't let them down—I served there for 15 years and left because the Lord called me to build and establish a crisis pregnancy center. Life has been much like this over the years. The Lord calls and sends.

I am now 75 years old and in excellent health. Presently I am waiting to be sent somewhere—and I don't have a clue where. Machines have been woven into my life to such an extent that these same machines seem to be driving me somewhere.

Back to me being dumber than a rock. I read a book that really changed the way that I had looked at the scriptures. The name of the book was the "Reformed Doctrine of Predestination" authored by Lorraine Boettner. This book will inspire you to "study to make yourself approved."

The book had some dry spots—but it opened my eyes. I note at this point that I was ordained as a Southern Baptist Pastor and many folks would question a fellow from the SBC reading stuff that concerns the works of John Calvin. Here is a shocker for you, all of the early Southern Baptist folks and the founders there in Augusta GA were Calvinist—including the missionary Lottie Moon. At present, the President of Southern Seminary in Louisville KY is a Calvinist. Not a big thing though, we are looking for the truth and that seems to be the way for some to go.

Need I name few more Baptists in this condition? Charles Spurgeon and John Piper. The truth is that the Presbyterians have really been the spiritual leaders in great scholarship over the centuries. James Montgomery Boice is one of the great ones. His work on the gospel of John is unequaled in my opinion. This is closely followed by his work on Genesis. Much of his work is on this web site in the form of audio. You can use the search function of his site to locate stuff that interests you. 

On this same subject, The Martyn LLoyd Jones Trust has worked continuously over the past 26 years to put all of his work on the MLJ site. It is available to you here on this site. The good Doctor has a pastor's heart and he is considered the best among many since, the Apostles! His works in the Book of Romans is so pure and sincere that it will stun most any preacher.

When it comes to the subject of stunning delivery of the Word, there are more to consider. One of these is Jonathan Edwards.

I remember purchasing his complete works that were published in a two volume set—what a treasure they are. Except the print is so small that it is almost unreadable.

Upon magnifying the print I discovered another problem—the English language of the time was so different that it was not understandable. Added to this was the fact that Edward's intellect was so advanced that it tended to give one a headache.

But there is a simple solution to all of these problems. It is to be found in the works of Pastor John Piper, who made it his calling to understand and explain Edwards to all of us "slow to learn" folks. The first book of his that I read—on the recommendation of Dudley Hall—changed my life in relation to understanding how the Lord relates to us. The title of the book is "Desiring God." It will take your breath away upon reading. The rest of his books and preaching is of the same quality as the book.

The complete work of Edwards is on the site through the work of Yale University. John Piper is also on the site, compliments of Desiring God.

To this point, I haven't mentioned the work of the Holy Spirit! Pastors generally find themselves in defeat without following His (the Holy Spirit's) leadership. The natural always follows the spiritual, so it is always important to begin at the beginning.

There will be a separate note or two on the work of the Spirit and also the work of the unholy spirit. These may provide you with some assistance—then again, they may not.